Q&Q Research

About us

Company Q&Q Research was established in Kiev in December 2007

The Team

Project Managers and Analysts – 9
Despite its young age, our team is represented by highly professional specialists, who have solid experience gained with other leading research agencies: A/R/M/I-Marketing Millward Brown, GFK, TNS, Ipsos.
We have experience and resources to conduct research both throughout Ukraine and other countries: (Russia, Byelorussia, Azerbaidjan, Armenia, Moldova, Italy…)
In Ukraine we have our permanent partners in all big cities and regional centres: L’viv, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovs’k, Odesa, Kharkiv, Mykolajiv, Kherson, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernigiv, Vinnytsa which enables us to conduct projects in any region of Ukraine.

Our mission

We are oriented at solving unique objectives set by our Clients. We not only conduct research but also suggest concrete solutions and guarantee post-project consulting.

Our strategy

Consulting, based on research.

What is our strengths?

  • “Hand- made approach”: each research for is unique. We use individual approach for each task realization, basing on our understanding of the market and business-situation. We do not make standard projects: so far as two same tasks are not exist, two similar researches do not exist as well.
  • Data quality: we are constantly improving data control proceduresе: respondents base, 100% control of each project sample
  • Focus on result: we provide our clients not only with research data, but propose concrete business solutions. The base of it - our creative individual approach to task solving and expertise knowledge of clients business
  • Partnership: we are our clients partner in research field
  • Flexibility: we propose the research model, which will be the most effective in this concrete situation
  • Innovativeness: we love our work, so we are constantly developing, using innovative methods of data collecting, processing, and analyzing, creating the new methodologies, which includes psychology, sociology and marketing knowledge. If our client needs some special methodology, we will make it for him
  • Complex approach to task solving: during research planning and data analyzing, we use marketing knowledge in the whole, its principles and rules (marketing strategies, marketing mix, product\concept creating) for proposing the most correct business solution for client.

Our stuff

Yuliya Slesarenko

Yuliya Slesarenko Client service director yuliyaslesarenko@qandqresearch.com

Anna Lypova

Anna Lypova Senior research manager (qualitative methods) annalypova@qandqresearch.com

Kateryna Tsymbal

Kateryna Tsymbal Senior research manager katerynatsymbal@qandqresearch.com

Olga Novychenko

Olga Novychenko Head of quantitative methods department olganovichenko@qandqresearch.com

Polyna Eremenko

Polyna Eremenko Seniour research manager (quantitative methods) polinayaremenko@qandqresearch.com

Oksana Gayduchenko

Oksana Gayduchenko Director of field department ksenia@qandqresearch.com.ua