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Research fields

We conduct researches for different markets

  • FMCG
  • Retail
  • Electronic
  • Telecommunication
  • Pharmacy
  • IT
  • В2В
  • Media
  • Advertising
  • Finance
  • Tobacco

Our Audiences

  • Experts
  • Children\teenagers
  • Doctors\medical
  • Financial specialists
  • Top managers of big companies
  • Business owners, entrepreneurs
  • Salesmen

Main Clients

P&G Ukraine

P&G Ukraine www.pg.com.ua
Procter&Gamble offers high quality products under more than 300 brands in 140 countries of the world. In Ukraine, Procter&Gamble is the leader in terms of turnover of goods among world producers of FMCG products. Today, in Ukrainian market, Procter&Gamble represents more than 40 brands, among which are Ariel, Tide, Pantene Pro-V, Pampers, Always, Tampax, Blend-a-med, Wella, Londa and many others.


JTI www.jti.com
Japan Tobacco International (JTI) –one of the key players in the international tobacco market. The company owns such famous and popular brands as Winston, Camel, Mild Seven, LD, Sobranie, Glamour.


life:) www.life.com.ua
life:) brand has been represented in Ukrainian market since January 2005. life:) is a big mobile operator and base of its subscribers has been constantly growing. At present, more than 1 700 highly-qualified professionals work for the company and provide top-quality services and products to life:) subscribers.


Nemiroff www.nemiroff.ua
Leading company among legal producers of strong alcohol products in Ukraine. Nemiroff exports its products to more than 50 countries of the world. Nemiroff - is the first international brand, that has been ranked as “The most intensively developing brand in the world” by International Millionaires Club (Great Britain) two years in row- in Y 2003 and Y 2004.

BCG (Boston Consulting Group)

BCG (Boston Consulting Group) www.bcg.com
Boston Consulting Group (BCG) — world famous company in the sphere of business consulting. The company works with leading companies in different sectors, develops effective business strategies. 2/3 of Fortune 500 list are BSC clients.

Fozzy Group

Fozzy Group www.fozzy.ua
Fozzy Group – is one of the key commercial-industrial groups in Ukraine. The group includes chain of supermarkets Сільпо, hypermarkets Fozzy, minimarkets Фора and Буми, pharmaceutical supermarkets Будь Здоровий and Біла ромашка, personal electronics Ringoo. Key production facilities of the Group are Nezhin tinned food factory, poultry farm Варто. The Group also owns restaurant business: Czech restaurant Lame Paul’s, Staromrak , Prad-A-Café and Liquor


Nestle www.nestle.ua
The world's foremost Nutrition, Health and Wellness company. The company has been actively growing and strengthening its positions in the Ukrainian market due to efficient investment in local production facilities. In Ukraine Nestle manages such brands as Торчин, Nescafe, Світоч, Бистров, Coffee mate, Nesquik и другие

Western milk group

Western  milk group www.komo.ua
Western milk group represents interests of several milk plants throughout Ukraine. In the category of whole milk, the company’s portfolio includes such brands: КОМО, Молочна родина, Гурманика, which belong to different price and image segments.


Olimp www.olimp.ua
Olimp is one of the key players of the Ukrainian alcohol market. Brands’ portfolio includes vodka brands: Prime, Біленька, Приватна колекція, Вдала, Олимп, 5 капель, Russian Shot, Істинна; cognac brands: Марсель, Містель