Q&Q Research

Our Approach

Our Philosophy – synthesis of Qualitative and Quantitative research methodologies. Both methodologies explore and explain the objective reality by different ways and unit of both approaches gives us the most full and accurate picture.

This vision is realized in our special Research Products. Wide range of these products gives possibility to solve different tasks, connected with specific stage of company business life (launch, entrance, growth, etc) on different markets.

Described Products are constantly developing. We are creating original methodology solutions taking into account new market tendencies.

Q&Q Research create unique technologies of data collection and analyzing:
  • We propose not only analytical approaches
  • Special soft for processing and managing of data

All Q&Q Research methodologies are regularly «tested» in process of work with a lot of projects on different markets: constantly validization.

Unique Methodologies

Q-Ad-Evaluation Copy test

Methodology allows to measure potential of different kinds of advertising communication: TV ads, audio, Internet-banners, Print ads etc.
  • Possibility to evaluate advertising material influence on awareness and consumption, and to calculate investment effectiveness
  • Diagnostic of communication with indications not efficient elements of adv materials and making recommendations for future improving

Now Q&Q Research owns base of TV commercials, enough for verification of indicators, and this base is constantly increasing

Q-Brand&Communication Tracking

Methodology gives possibility to monitor of all indicators of brand health in category
  • Monitoring of key brand indicators (KPIs, brand health indexes) and analyze of competitors environment
  • Evaluation of client’s marketing activity impact on his market results: measurement of indicators before and after adv campaigns
  • Evaluation of marketing communication channels effectiveness: TV, outdoor, btl, press etc.

Q-Concept\Product test

Same philosophy for all tests (concept, product, logo, name, package): understanding the fact, that research result is important for clients business strategy decision. So testing the concept we not just evaluate it, but define strategy of future correction (if necessary)

Main criteria of analyze:
  • Concept Potential of concept: consumers share, sales volume, brand development strategy
  • Consumers response: rational, emotional
  • Communication
  • Branding

Q-Corporation Image Study

  • Investigation of corporate identity: vision, mission, philosophy, values, company’s culture
  • Company reputation in society (employees, clients and business environment): exploration of clients, employees opinions, requests, advantages and disadvantages, drivers and barriers for cooperation
  • What influence on company reputation (good or bad) – main factors
  • Competitors reputation and image
  • Company image in media: evaluation of PR and advertising, definition of elements of identity, corporate image and reputatio
  • Creating concepts of effective internal and external communication

Q-Insight Search

Qualitative research method, oriented on different positioning concept creating (rational, emotional) and new product solutions
  • Insight gives possibility to make a new look on product\brand for identification possibilities of future developing: search of new markets, making of new products, new concepts, consumer behavior managing
  • Insight search technology – method cycle creative focus-groups with discourse-analyze and special project tactics of ideas generation


  • Methodology allows defining which communication channels (ATL, BTL) make the biggest contribution in brand message delivery. It gives possibility to relocate budget volumes depending on working results
  • Evaluation of non-standard communication channels, and looking for alternative channels (more cheep)

Q-Mystery Shopping

  • Methodology gives possibility to make system of indexes for stuff motivation and effective management by service system
  • Evaluation of quality of stuff work and client service for correction. Main field of application: study of trade incentive activity, service quality vs competitors etc;

Q-Price Elasticity Test

  • Analyzing of competitors environment in depends on price police changing (clients, competitors)
  • Understanding what groups of consumers and in which level make contribution in market share of product\brand
  • Finding the optimal price scenario for different retail channels
  • Market share forecasting
  • Delivering of special soft for price analyzing of clients market

Q-Promo Test

  • Developing of strategically directions for promo-campaigns
  • Evaluation of promo creative idea, choosing the most effective mechanics and prizes
  • Promo-campaign influence on brand image
  • Evaluation of campaign effectiveness in terms of sales volume increasing and investments

Q-Portfolio Optimization

  • How structure of consumption will change?
  • To which brand consumers will switch and why?
  • On which brands we should be focused in communication and promote first of all?

Q-Retail audit

Methodology allows:
  • To obtain the most actual data about: distribution, prices, volumes, promo in Modern Trade channel (super-, giper-markets, cash&carry)
  • To define MS, make competitors analyzing


We help our clients to concentrate their forces for reaching the most perspective audience for business:
  • Consumers potential of each segment (perceptiveness for business)
  • Psychographic profile of each segment (criteria for identification)
  • Segmentation criteria are based on business specific and goals

Our approach - multilevel typology of consumers, the main criteria is - needs in category. We make “working” segmentation, which helps client:
  • To plan marketing strategy on the market
  • To focus attention on the most perspective consumer segments

Q-Satisfaction study

  • Investigation of consumer\client satisfaction by some product\service on the market:
  • Definition of key factors of satisfaction (by touch points)
  • Formation of integral indicator - general satisfaction by company work
  • Evaluation of input of each indicator to general satisfaction, defining of strong advantages, significant and insignificant disadvantages
  • By each factor – strategy of works improving (what should we do for satisfaction improving)

Q-Switching Study

When we start to think about switching?
  • As a rule, when we realized loosing part of consumer audience and ask ourselves WHY? «What did we do wrong? What secrets know our competitors? Why they attract consumers, and we do not?»
  • When our task is increasing of volume, challenging step we guess about «What new can we propose to the market inside current brand positioning for being attractive and cut from competitors?»

Our methodology answers the question how to find out the source of business for client (brands-donors and categories-donors). Main goal – to propose client the strategy of brand-management, which allows realizing correct consumers audiences migration:
  • Switching from competitive brand to clients brand
  • Switching from one sub-brand to another sub-brand inside clients umbrella brand
  • Switching from one brand to another producer’s brand

Q-U&A diagnostic

  • Deeply investigation of market and defining of direction of developing:
  • New product (brand) perspectives on the market
  • Keeping and strengthening of existing products\brands positions
  • Market structure, consumers segmentation, special traits of consumption and attitude in category
  • Study of consumption behavior
  • Distribution channels evaluation
  • Competitors evaluation
  • Measurement of category volume and segments volume
  • Investigation of market dynamic and potential: measurement of market volume and its main segments